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  • SilvertonRabbit

    Why did everyone decided to jump on the party wagon now?

    Last time, it was just me and DawnofReach, with current additions of 84Danie and Erinrodey!

    Well, I guess it does give me a good excuse to write another blog.

    So yeah, currently there has been many changes since my last blog.

    Heres a couple of them:

    1. Logo and Favicon change.
    2. Chaws were added for futher navigation.
    3. Erin and Danie became Admins.
    4. Many people signed up, today! (Sunday)
    5. Bunneh Wuv; I didn't say it had to be all about the wiki, now did I?

    From Above, SilverRyb 04:37, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

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  • SilvertonRabbit

    Your quite dedicated to watching the movie if you waited 2 years to watch it the first day it came out.


    I don't know if you knew this, but I love Owls and I love Guardains of Ga'hoole.

    So naturally when the author first came to my school two years ago, (GoG fans be jealous of my rich snotty school. *smug*) and told us all of the movie, I was quite excited.

    Now, two years later, not much has changed, I still speak Hoolian, I wish I knew Krakish, I bet you don't know what I'm saying right now huh?

    No worries, I'll fill you in later. '

    Legend of the Guardains was a great movie and filled my expectations.


    I don't think there will be any movie that will surpase this one for a very long time. No Avatar, I never liked you. Please leave.

    The a…

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  • SilvertonRabbit

    Well, its been 1...2? hours on and I still haven't been able to correctly fix the Favicons and the Logo.

    Now I'm asking the Wikia people to do it for me. Darn, I thought I could handle it. This is a battle lost.

    On a brighter side, I have a new writer and someone who could advertise this Wiki: DawnofReach.

    He will be co-working with me side by side through this entire making so I'm glad I have someone to work with now.

    ...Danie dropped out as a writer. Heck she never wrote anything!

    Anyways, I might start on Miscellaneous Blogs for those who care. Misc. Blogs for short.

    Well I got to get some shut-eye for G'night readers.

    From Above, SilverRyb 04:19, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

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  • SilvertonRabbit

    Oh, If I wasn't obligated to write about Roblox...

    if you only knew....

    I was though, able to finish the Intro and years 2004-2007. I'll finish 2008-2010 later.

    After writing the Roblox article, I'm gonna now start moving into User Articles! Yays! 8D

    From Above, SilverRyb 04:20, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

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  • SilvertonRabbit

    Anyhoo, I really don't know who would be reading this or if you actually CARED but, this project is turning out quite nicely.

    So far I have conviced 84Danie to join as a writer. I think I'll make this site public after 10-20 pages.

    Well. Not much else to say; I finished the Main Page to a reasonable look. Same with Off Topic.

    I'll eventually add on, but like the tutorial said:

    "Start with short pages and add on"

    From Above, SilverRyb 04:22, September 21, 2010 (UTC)

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