Pheonix Wright

What is Off Topic?

A simple question: What is Off Topic?

Off Topic is a state of mind, not just a place.

It is when users of all places meet up together in one area no matter the ethics, no matter the age, no


To have so many people from all over talk about things so freely has been a mysterious ability we have.

Though I do admit, the place is not perfect.


Not at all.

Guess Again.

The place can be a total pain in the tailfeathers. With all the trolls, loudmouth-ego-riding retards, and the perverted side

where I can't even explain some nightmares I acquired because of all of them.

Yet I know deep inside, there is really nice people there. People like me, who just want to laugh, relate, comfort each other and all that in between.

In Conclusion

And so...

If you are now reading this as a new member of Off Topic I grant that you will indeed find friends, for sure make that one

unavoidable rival, and maybe become later on famous around there. Good Luck.

Best Wishes,