You know, its not quite bad around here I can get use to thi- What the? Are we in a Hedge Maze?

Ever had that kind of feeling, where your lost, confused, and totally hopeless?

Well this Chaw will be able you turn all that upside down, guaranteed!

((Being totally hopeless may be permanent; sorry.))

Welcome to the Navigation Chaw,

if you couldn't remember which hill the "Battle of Bagels" took place on or

maybe you wish to understand the "Constellations of OffTopic", or

even if you just "accidentally" walked into the girls lockeroom and "hope"

that never happens again, then this Chaw is definately for you!

Hurrah! Now that you decided that you would want to specialize in this Chaw heres some info:

Rybs: DawnofReach [DawnRyb]

Specialty: Location and Places/Stars

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